Friday, July 2, 2010

More on Hangar 18

So I finish digging out the envelope, and Robz sent a surprise in the form of a gift certificate. Well, I was really impressed with the ships and despite the slight delay in communication initially, he really came through. I was going to order already but it looks like I'll be doing that sooner than later. He had thrown in two extra Sulaco's, evidently the mold had broke on them. One was the one that the mold tore on. With some patient cleaning, and some green stuff. Looks right as rain now.

All in all, the Sulaco's were excellent models with crisp lines, and fine detail. Though there was some flashing and resin they cleaned up very quickly. They're the perfect scale for cruisers with the Warlock.

I'll get some more pics up once I get them painted.

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