Thursday, July 1, 2010

on another note

Here's some of the new miniatures I'm working on. Can't tell you just how pleased I am with the castings on these mini's. If you're into starships, I highly recommend Ravenstar's Cold Navy line, (he also makes a mean series of BSG style ships as well) Chris has been spot on with communication, and though shipping was a little slow for my lack of patience, it was fast enough that I really had no complaints. Here's one of the battleships I received.

The Gan'Talak battleship. Comes in 5 pieces, basically the main body is all once piece and you have to glue on the tail fins at the back of the ship. I figure they're probably there more for radiators or something similar than simply for aesthetics. The casting was fairly clean on it, with minimal filing and flash. The resin makes for a really light weight ship. There were several small bubbles though ,and one large on down on the lower assembly right in the front. I had to apply some putty and green stuff to fix it up as best as my sculpting skills would allow. This is the second scheme I applied on these ships. The first was Tan and Red, but it didn't seem to turn out on these particular models no matter how hard I tried to make it look right. The blue and yellow just seemed to flow on these models.

The second style of ships I have gotten so far arrived today. These are from Robz over at The ship in the middle is a Babylon 5 Wars EA Warlock Battleship. And yes, those ships are the Sulaco from Aliens.

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